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        Phone +91-9810113545

        email us malax@vsnl.com
        pneumatic die grinder accessories hand tools suppliers in India
        Pneumatic Tool ¨CManufacturer
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        Welcome to Malax Pneumatic Tools Pvt. Ltd.

        Malax India is one of the best Pneumatic Tool-Manufacturer and supplier in India like Impact Screwdrivers, Pneumatic Drill Machine, Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches, square drive adapters, Extended Die Grinder, stud tightners, Discs - Backup Pads & Accessories, swivel sockets, swivel joints, universal joints, universal sockets, abrasive power tools, quick change adapters, pneumatic die grinder accessories.

        We are also the leading Pneumatic Tool Manufacturers, and suppliers of accessories used at automated assembly lines. The Specialty of this tool is that they are known for their quality and higher performance.

        Our accessories made from tested alloy steel, hardened and tempered to withstand the constant shocks transmitted from power drive tools. These accessories supplied in industrial black finish. It can also be used with torque wrenches and manual drivers.

        Our manufacturing plant is located in Greater Noida (India) and where we have all the necessary infrastructure, machinery & skilled man-power for manufacturing quality products.